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Life is too short to be in bad shape.

Pain sucks! Sitting at the doctor's office isn't fun. Your health should be a bridge to a happy life, not a barrier. You deserve better.

Be in good shape.

Perform better
Activities like standing up from your sofa and climbing up the stairs will become easy.
Save time
Avoid doctor's waiting rooms. Spend time with friends instead.
Enjoy life
Stress bounces off, because yoga helps to find inner balance.

I was a busy person, too.

Hello! I`m Denise.
I know how difficult it is to stick to a healthy routine. I was a busy person, too. Overworking lead to physical pain and burnout. Today, I have my Power in Balance and live a joyful life in a healthy body. I guide you there, too. Join me!

Upgrade your health with...

Online University
This guided online workshop teaches you to be productive, not busy. Find your healthy habits, that lead you to a joyful life in a healthy body.
All you need for an easy start. Join the online live classes. Switch the camera on, if you wish to get modifications or corrections based on your performance. Switch it off, if you don't want to be seen.
Insights about how your body works. Learn what to do and WHY. Dive deep into topics like fascia massage or meditation. Topics that help your body, mind and soul to stay healthy in a busy world.
Take a break from the hassle. One week off in a peaceful environment. Enjoy classes, talks and good food. Take time to spoil your body and refresh your mind.

What clients say

Denise finds the right mix between challenging and relaxing. After every class you’re energized, relaxed, and happy. I’ve had lower back pain for years – this is now completely gone! Denise cares about every student and her classes always feel very personal. Through her classes, I’ve not only become more flexible physically, but also more focused in general.

Nikolaus, Chief Executive Officer

Denise classes just make me happy and relaxed of course! My body is always very tense so I really like the yoga relax class to stretch, although I always struggle a lot. What makes Denise classes distinctive is, I think, that it is personal. No other class teacher knew me by my name in Berlin. I am so glad to have finally found my favorite yoga teacher.

Deniz, Senior HR Business Partner

Denise offers me a period of time in which I can forget the daily stress and aggressiveness. This is all thanks to her kindness and friendly attitude. I always feel a bit proud when I manage to do some of the advanced yoga poses that she shows, because I was never a success in gym classes or sports in general. She helps me to see the potential that each person carries.

Doruk, Electronics Engineer

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Let's face 6 common questions about Yoga

That’s far from the truth. Thanks to a variety of styles, you can make your yoga routine as physically challenging as you want. Join a Yoga Relax class to mainly gain flexibility OR show up to a Yoga Fitness class to improve your strength. You see, my yoga workouts focus on different benefits. Choose the one that makes you feel good.

We are all unique. It’s okay if you can’t touch your toes. Yoga doesn’t cares about your weight – unless you do. And, you are never too old to start with yoga. You are welcome if you want to be happier and healthier. My yoga workouts are designed for different ability levels. You can progress at your own pace. Just get started.

No one has the right to talk you out of a habit you enjoy. Don’t procrastinate getting started with yoga until you stop eating meat, drinking alcohol or smoking. The best thing about yoga is that it meets you wherever you are physically and mentally. You don’t have to change. It’s freedom of choice.

The German national soccer team did it as preparation for the world championship 2006 and many other team sport players do it all over the world: Yoga. Fun fact: Initially, yoga was practiced only by men. Today, the power of yoga is known all over the world. I’m pretty sure, yoga will kick your ass. Give it a try!

Also called “Downward Facing Dog”. I will speak English with you. Sanskrit is an old Indian language which is often used in yoga. I will describe exactly what to do and will name the position in English. I’d rather be clear instead of sounding smart. No need to bring a Sanskrit dictionary.

No, it’s not. Yoga unifies your mind and body, teaches you to observe your inner sensations and emotions and requires you to control your breathing. There is a philosophical part which includes eight guidelines, but it isn’t a brainwash ceremony. It is your choice to apply one of these guidelines or not.