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Balanced Mind

Sport Buddies

Life is to short to be in bad shape

Our inability in taking good care for ourself lead to all kind of problems: Desk potatoes often suffer from back pain. Very little to no exercising can lead to overweight. And a lack of energy keeps us from getting important work done. Get back control of your health.

Be in good shape

Make sure you live a long live in a healthy body.
Strong Body
Reduce the risk of injury. Improve your posture. It just feels good, when muscles arise. Feel sexy naked.
Balanced Mind
Stress bounced off. Everyday challenges become easy. Positive thoughts boost your mood. You feel energetic.
Sport Buddies
Find mental support. Sharing goals keep you motivated and will boost your commitment. Make new friends worldwide.
Hi! I`m Denise.
I got started helping busy business owners, because I saw way too many struggling with health issues. Too often, this lead to a lack of performance in their businesses. A vicious cycle began! I got tired of it, to see successful people trading their health for the cause of their businesses. I love busy business owners to understand, how even tiny workouts can improve their health and well being. A healthy body nurtures a strong mind, which leads to even more success in business. With a healthy lifestyle, success in business become enjoyable. I would love to help you, to understand too.

No time, no plan, no motivation?

Your health can be a bridge to a joyful life.
Save Time
No travel time. Trainings are doable anywhere, but at a fixed appointment, because it’s under the watch of a fitness professional - me!
Get a Plan
All trainings are pre-planed. They follow the rule from easy to advanced. Master a peak exercise in 13 weeks.
Stay Motivated
Be on your own, but never alone. Schedule the included pep talk. Be connected with your fitness buddies. And for sure: Results are the best motivators.

Upgrade your health with my online live offers!

Join the online live classes Yoga, Fitness and Relax. They take place every Tuesday and Thursday. Switch the camera on to get modifications or corrections based on your performance. 60 Minutes per week are all you need for an easy start.
Personal Training
Book your 3 month online live Personal Fitness Training which is doable anywhere, but at a fixed appointment per week, because it’s under the watch of a fitness professional - me!
Academy Program
Start your journey into a happy and healthy lifestyle by joining my Academy Program - Power in Balance. It's specially designed for busy business owners, who wants to upgrade their health - step by step. It's a three month program, starting in November.

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What clients say

Denise finds the right mix between challenging and relaxing. After every class you’re energized, relaxed, and happy. I’ve had lower back pain for years – this is now completely gone! Denise cares about every student and her classes always feel very personal. Through her classes, I’ve not only become more flexible physically, but also more focused in general.

Nikolaus, Chief Executive Officer

Denise classes just make me happy and relaxed of course! My body is always very tense so I really like the yoga relax class to stretch, although I always struggle a lot. What makes Denise classes distinctive is, I think, that it is personal. No other class teacher knew me by my name in Berlin. I am so glad to have finally found my favorite yoga teacher.

Deniz, Senior HR Business Partner

Denise offers me a period of time in which I can forget the daily stress and aggressiveness. This is all thanks to her kindness and friendly attitude. I always feel a bit proud when I manage to do some of the advanced yoga poses that she shows, because I was never a success in gym classes or sports in general. She helps me to see the potential that each person carries.

Doruk, Electronics Engineer

Let's face 5 common prejudices about online sport offers

I’m pretty sure, my online offers are different to the once you attended so far. It‘s NOT a video. It’s NOT an online live stream without interaction. It’s like a gym training, but online. We will see each other. We will interact with each other. You are not alone in this. We do our online live sport together.

Nobody’s there to check your form in person. That’s true. But, it’s NOT a video. It’s an online-live appointment. You will join the training with camera. So, I can see you and offer personal advice. I check your form and offer modifications or corrections based on your performance. I will assist you during the whole training. And if something appears awkward to you, there is room to ask questions. You will be surprised how good this works. 

Most online live streams are crowded with hundreds of people. I don’t like that. I’m pretty sure, you don’t like that either. I will keep the number of participants down to 25. That’s the amount of people I can monitor on my screen. It’s a small group. Because of that you will get personal assistance during our training. It’s up to you to share personal stories before or after training. It’s your choice how personal it will become. So, there are opportunities to get to know each other. I’m always 5 minutes before and after the training in the virtual room. 

Finding focus is a challenge. Even if you’re alone in your room, there can still be plenty of factors ruining your concentration. But I will notice it! Especially, when you leave your training spot – mentally or physically. You remember: It’s a two way communication online training. That’s why we will define some rules for your participation. You’re investing your time, money and energy in taking this training. Let’s make the most out of it. I have you covered. 

There is really little you need. Most important equipment is a proper yoga mat. Instead of two yoga blocks you can use two dictionary sized books. Thick and heavy! A water bottle and a towel. That’s it. You are good to go.