Strong Body

Balanced Mind

Meaningful Life

Life is to short to be in bad shape

Busy people miss out a lot of joy in life. Even worst, they get sick. Sitting at the doctor’s office isn’t fun. Lying in the hospital with a stroke is often their wake up call. When you think you are a busy person, don‘t let it get so far! There is no need to live a life in fear of sickness or be already in pain. The 'Power in Balance' university saves you from being an unhealthy person with a shorter life.

Be in good shape

Strong Body
Live in a healthy body.
Balanced Mind
Feel energetic.
Meaningful Life
Be productive not busy.

No time, no plan, no motivation?

You only thought you couldn’t stick to healthy routines. Overcome common challenges like no time, no plan, no motivation. ‚Power in Balance‘ is an online fitness mentoring program especially designed for busy people who wants to upgrade their health - step by step. With my short videos, audios and worksheets I make changes assessable and fun. By putting the content into action your health skyrockets.
Hello! I`m Denise.
When it comes to lasting changes, I feel your pain. I understand how it feels like to be overwhelmed by all the diet and fitness trends. As a fitness professional for more than 16 years I have heard them all and tried too many. Today, I stick to the stuff that really works. It’s simpler and more fun than you thought to live a healthy lifestyle. Join me and get access to the ‚Power in Balance‘ university.

What clients say

Denise finds the right mix between challenging and relaxing. After every class you’re energized, relaxed, and happy. I’ve had lower back pain for years – this is now completely gone! Denise cares about every student and her classes always feel very personal. Through her classes, I’ve not only become more flexible physically, but also more focused in general.

Nikolaus, Chief Executive Officer

Denise classes just make me happy and relaxed of course! My body is always very tense so I really like the yoga relax class to stretch, although I always struggle a lot. What makes Denise classes distinctive is, I think, that it is personal. No other class teacher knew me by my name in Berlin. I am so glad to have finally found my favorite yoga teacher.

Deniz, Senior HR Business Partner

Denise offers me a period of time in which I can forget the daily stress and aggressiveness. This is all thanks to her kindness and friendly attitude. I always feel a bit proud when I manage to do some of the advanced yoga poses that she shows, because I was never a success in gym classes or sports in general. She helps me to see the potential that each person carries.

Doruk, Electronics Engineer

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