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Life is to short to be in bad shape

Our inability in taking good care for ourself lead to all kind of problems: Desk potatoes often suffer from back pain. Very little to no exercising can lead to overweight. And a lack of energy keeps us from getting important work done. Get back control of your health.
You deserve better.

Physical health benefits of Yoga Fitness Relax

Improves Flexibility
As we age, our flexibility usually decreases. Maybe you spend a lot of time sitting, which leads to even more immobility. Yoga Fitness Relax can help reverse this process. There are many specific positions that target flexibility. Perform better physically, because your muscles are working more effectively. Over time, you can expect a greater range of motion to tight areas.
Builds Strength
Strong muscles look good. More important, they protect us from injuries and pain. You're putting your body in positions where you have to support the pose with a different bunch of muscles. So, you are doing a weight lifting training with your own body weight. Building strength through Yoga and Fitness, you balance it with flexibility. This leads to better stability, whether on the fitness mat or in daily activities.
Lessen chronic pain
Most of us spend lots of hours sitting, which causes tightness throughout the body and spinal compression. Yoga Fitness can prevent you from lower pack pain as well as headaches by providing stretches which leads to muscle relaxation. An on going practise can be beneficial for those who suffer from chronic pain.
Do the first step to become healthier.
Hi! I`m Denise.
When it comes to lasting changes, I feel your pain. I know how it feels like to run to-do list marathons. Like you, I was troubled by making time for my fitness workouts. Today, with 16 years of experience as a fitness professional, I promise you: You will never ever skip a workout again! Let’s get started.



Your stress-relieving class. Relax in calming stretches. Gently increase your flexibility. Get rid of pain by releasing blockages. Align your body. Balance your mind.


Your stress-relieving class. Relax in calming stretches. Gently increase your flexibility. Get rid of pain by releasing blockages. Align your body. Balance your mind.

Classes like in the gym, but online!

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Let's get to know each other. Join one class. Schedule your 15 min onboarding call. Get technique support for a smooth start. Start your transformation.
18/ class

Schedule class and 15 min zoom call within 30 days after purchase. No refund.

13 Classes 1 Person
Start anytime. Package of 13 classes. One deal per person. Trainings are doable anywhere, but at a fixed appointment, because it’s under the watch of a fitness professional - me!
195/ package

Expires 6 month after purchase. No refund.

13 Classes 2 Persons
Start anytime. Share your screen for 13 classes with a friend.Invite your partner, roommate, neighbor. Shared screen for two persons per class.
295/ package

Expires 6 month after purchase. No refund.

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What clients say

I tried lots of different online yoga classes during lockdown 2020 but I always came back to Denise's. Having a weekly session with her was good for both my mental and physical health. I love her style - she's warm, friendly and cares a lot about her students. Her classes are both accessible and challenging - I never felt like I was being pushed too far but I always felt like I'd found a new way to strengthen or stretch. I've never actually met Denise but the connection she's able to make between people in a virtual class is fantastic. I can only imagine how much fun it must be in person!

Lucie, Technology Wrangler

Over the years I was a member in several fitness centers. I started highly motivated, but became a ghost member after 6 months. I love Denise's sense of humor. She always finds a way to keep me on the hook. I join her classes two times a week for over two years now. Her classes keep me supple and fit. She challenges me with fitness exercises and help me to relax at the same time. I now have a life without back pain. Doing yoga fitness with Denise is fun. She comes across always happy and relaxed.

Angelika, Office Management

Denise's classes allow us to do something as a couple. It has become a weekly routine where we can relax and stretch. I (Nat) have never been flexible. My body cannot continue being an oak tree. It is important for me (Nat) to develop flexibility. Otherwise, my inflexibility will be a source of injury. It is good for my back (Prabha) and my overall level of relaxation. We enjoy your tips about mindfulness, mindset and life. These add a nice flavor to the yoga session without going overboard.

Nat & Prabha, Loving Couple